Buró-Buró is an office and publishing house dedicated to the design and development of cultural projects ranging from publications to new platforms for the dissemination, education and reflection of the arts and culture. To date we have collaborated with several institutions seeking to advance their impact and reach from their mission and program, always seeking to promote culture as a tool for development.

  • Jorge Munguía
  • Alma G. Ferrer
  • Daniela Ramírez
  • Amalia Pérez
  • Stephanie Wullschleger
  • Luis Farfán
  • Omar Ponce
  • Adriana López
  • Eduardo Bautista
  • Andrea Ancira
  • Mauricio Andrade
  • Lucilla Campillo

Colima 368, Col. Roma
Mexico City
+52 55 6265 2063 / 2064

Buró-Buró is a publishing house focused on books of art and design. We explore everyday the new art of making books.

Information and sales

Alma Gonzalez Ferrer