Buró-Buró is an office and publishing house dedicated to the design and development of cultural projects ranging from publications to new platforms for the dissemination, education and reflection of the arts and culture. To date we have collaborated with several institutions seeking to advance their impact and reach from their mission and program, always seeking to promote culture as a tool for development.

  • Jorge Munguía
  • Alma G. Ferrer
  • Daniela Ramírez
  • Amalia Pérez
  • Stephanie Wullschleger
  • Luis Farfán
  • Omar Ponce
  • Adriana López
  • Eduardo Bautista
  • Andrea Ancira
  • Mauricio Andrade
  • Lucilla Campillo

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Buró-Buró is a publishing house focused on books of art and design. We explore everyday the new art of making books.

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Without culture, and the relative freedom it implies, society, even when perfect, is but a jungle. This is why any authentic creation is a gift to the future.

Albert Camus

Tools for Citizen Participation / Traveling Participation Module

In collaboration with Duco Lab, we developed a trailer that operated as a citizen participation traveling module during the public consultation of Mexico’s City Urban Development Program 2016.

Tools for Citizen participation / Traveling Participation Module

In collaboration with Duco Lab, we developed a trailer that operated as a citizen participation traveling module during the public consultation of Mexico’s City Urban Development Program 2016.


In collaboration with anthropologist Ivet Reyes Maturano we designed workshops and tools to strengthen the interest of young adults in contemporary affairs and to strengthen the connection and exchange between young people and the elders of the Yalálag community in Oaxaca.

Compromiso Social Banamex

We created content strategies for different online platforms (website and social networks) to communicate the challenges of Banamex Foundation projects in order to create a solid community around each area they address.

Banamex Foundation

We collaborated with Banamex Foundation in the development of communication strategies for their main lines of action: Ecology, Social Development, Cultural Development and Financial Education.

Seduvi / Communication Strategies

Design and development of the communication strategy implemented for the public consultation of Mexico City’s Urban Development Program 2016 for the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.

Eco Pavilion

The Eco Pavilion is an annual architecture competition for an intervention in the courtyard of  Museo Experimental El Eco. Every year, the museum hosts a program of activities that encourage a dialogue between architecture, the arts and related disciplines. The Eco Pavilion is a coproduction between Museo Experimental El Eco and Buró-Buró.

Institutional Social Inclusion Strategy UNDP Mexico

Design and production of itinerant modules for an exhibition on the implementation of the United Nation’s Institutional Social Inclusion Strategy on gender equality, non-discrimination and labor inclusion of women, people with disabilities and LGBTTTI population in PEMEX.

Book Presentation Limitless Listening

21 febrero, 2017

February 23 in the House of Culture of France at 7pm.
Participants: Le Quan Ninh y Michel Doneda, Inti Meza y Eric Namour.

BB & Kurimanzutto present: Total Destruction of The National Museum of Anthropology

15 noviembre, 2017

This book is the culmination of a project by artist Eduardo Abaroa that began in 2012. Its presentation will be carried out on the 23rd of November at the Kurimanzutto gallery. Go to libros.buroburo.org for presale.

Seduvi / Workshops for children

Design and development of workshops for children about the General Program of Urban Development in Mexico City.

Citizen Culture: Artists and Architects Shape Policy

Development of interpretative tools such as exhibition graphics, catalogue, a research presentation, and the website for the exhibition Citizen Culture: Artists and Architects Shape Policy, curated by Lucía Sanromán in the Museum of Art of Santa Monica.

Playful City

In collaboration with Laboratorio para la Ciudad, we integrate creativity processes in school curricula in order to equip students with creative skills that will enhance a more active citizenship.

United Nations Organization / Interactive Modules

Design and development of a playground made of interactive materials and modules for an exhibition organised by United Nations in Mexico that aimed to communicate and promote, through ludic experiences, the Sustainable development goals derived from the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 for the Sustainable Development.